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Dr. Doriano Fabbro

Chief Scientific Officer
PIQUR Therapeutics

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Doriano holds a PhD in Cell Biology and Biochemistry. He has 10 years of academic research at Biocenter Basel, and the University Basel, Switzerland and more than 25 years of experience in drug discovery and development at Novartis and Piqur Therapeutics. He is currently Chief Scientific Officer at PIQUR Therapeutics in Basel, a small company devoted to the development of novel PI3K/mTOR inhibitors (PQR309 in Phase-2). During his career, he contributed personally to the development of Glivec® (Imatinib, Bcr/Abl kinase inhibitor), Tasigna® (Nilotinib, Bcr/Abl kinase inhibitor), Afinitor® (Everolimus, mTOR inhibitor) and many other compounds still in preclinical or clinical development.