Dr. Doriano Fabbro

Scientific Advisory Board Member

PhD in cell biology and biochemistry, has10 years of academic research (Biocenter Basel, and University Basel, Switzerland) followed by 25+ years of experience in drug discovery and development at Novartis and Piqur Therapeutics.
He is currently Chief Scientific Officer at Piqur Therapeutics (Basel Switzerland), a small company devoted to the development of novel PI3K/mTOR inhibitors (PQR309 in Phase-2). During his career he contributed personally to the development of Glivec® (Imatinib, Bcr/Abl kinase inhibitor), Tasigna® (Nilotinib, Bcr/Abl kinase inhibitor), Afinitor® (Everolimus, mTOR inhibitor) and many other compounds still in preclinical or clinical development.
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