Since the company was founded, Cellestia has raised $50 million in private equity and won several non-dilutive research grants to build a proprietary R&D platform yielding a rich pipeline of clinical and preclinical programs, which are validating the approach and potential of this new class of therapeutic targets. As a rapidly growing integrated R&D company, having achieved major milestones such as confirmed safety, target engagement and entering phase 2 for the clinical lead, and in vivo proof of concept across multiple indications for the pipeline programs, the company is preparing for further financing rounds.

Current investors

Cellestia is owned by private and institutional investors, among these are Invus (USA), PPF Group (The Netherlands), FC Capital (China), Emerging Technology Partners LLC (USA/China), Partners Investment Co. Ltd (South Korea), Bernina BioInvest (Switzerland) and Swiss Health Angels (Switzerland).


Partners Investment
Emerging Technology Partners, LLC