Located in Basel and Lausanne, Switzerland, Cellestia is a privately-owned clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing innovative first-in-class anti-cancer drugs. We have an innovative solution for the treatment of NOTCH-positive cancers with a novel mode of action and a confirmed clinical safety and efficacy profile. Our lead compound, CB-103, is an oral small molecule protein-protein interaction inhibitor, acting as a selective oncogene transcription factor inhibitor. Along with a companion diagnostic program to ensure maximum benefit for patients, CB-103 provides precision medicine for treating NOTCH-positive cancers.

Market potential

There is currently no NOTCH-specific treatment available on the market. CB-103’s novel mode of action overcomes the limitations of previous NOTCH-targeting agents, by combining exceptional potency, selectivity, safety and expectation of clinical efficacy. With more than 250,000 patients diagnosed with NOTCH-driven cancers annually, the market potential for CB-103’s targeted therapy is substantial. The commercial potential is expected to reach billions in sales annually. Cellestia’s lead clinical candidate is protected until 2039 with granted composition of matter claims in major territories including the EU, US, Japan and China.

Current investors

Our investors are both private and institutional and include such names as PPF Group (Europe), FC Capital (China), Emerging Technology Partners LLC (US/China), Partners Investment Co. Ltd (South Korea), GoBeyond (Switzerland).

“Together we can close this gap in cancer therapy .”

FC Capital
Partners Investment
Emerging Technology Partners, LLC