Science – October 2019

The NOTCH Meeting XI
Meet our COO, Dr. Maximilien Murone, at The NOTCH Meeting XI (October 6-10, 2019) in Athens. Key experts in the field of NOTCH research will be covering the breadth of science related to this topic.

2nd European Oncology and Immuno-Oncology Drug Discovery Symposium
Join us at the at Champions Oncology drug discovery symposium (October 22, 2019) in Basel. Our CSO, Dr Raj Lehal, will be giving a presentation that day (Discovery and development of a first-in-class protein-protein interaction inhibitor targeting the NOTCH pathway).

StartLab at Biopole Lausanne
Cellestia Biotech joined at StartLab at Biopole Lausanne in September 2019. Our R&D Lab is now fully operational.